The SmartCommute™

The average cityhuman spends 10,634 hours travelling to and from work. Yes. Exactly. That's more than a year of your entire life! So it’s about time somebody built something specifically around that experience.

Introducing the SmartCommute™- a fully automatic assistant to help you with one of the biggest pains of urban living: the daily commute.

Set Home and Work to begin

That's it. And you will be ready for magic. We'll automatically figure out the best commutes for you.

Smart Notification

Pushed to you right before you leave the house:

And it updates automatically as you move along!

Alerting you in realtime about disruptions & delays.

Home Screen

Your personal commute dashboard on the home screen:

- Live ETA: see exactly when you will get to work

- Departure Times: optimise when to leave the house / work

- Disruptions & Delays: quickly check if your commute is ok, or find alternatives

- Weather: why not


Personalise your Commutes

If you are unhappy with the robots, you can use your human powers to add or delete commutes to perfect your personal commute dashboard.

The first commute in your list will be used for the Smart Notification.




+ Android Wear

And if you have one of these, get the daily info you need, just by raising your wrist!

Updates automatically as you move, with departure times and live ETA. 


So cool, that SmartCommute™.
Don't leave home without it.