Citymapper + iPhone X = more screen for green

If you've scored the new iPhone X, congrats.

And if you haven’t managed to grab one yet, join the club. We don’t...(rushes to check the post)...have one yet either.

But...that hasn't stopped our engineers from getting Citymapper ready - on Day One - for all of that screen.

iPhone X = Citymapper in rainbows

The first thing you'll notice about Citymapper on iPhone X are the colours. All of them. We're partial to the greens...

...but the blues are pretty lush too. You could stare at the maps for hours. 

But the biggest difference isn't what you see on iPhone X; it's how you use it. No more Home button. Face ID. New navigation controls.

New interface and app experience

A complete rethink of iPhone = a challenge for our engineers. Apple has changed screen size before, but this was the first ever change in shape.

All four corners of the iPhone X screen are now rounded. Then there's that new 'sensor housing' notch in the top of the screen, and the swipeable home indicator bar at the bottom. 

It wasn't enough to stretch the UI to fill the new real estate. It also needed to be kept away from the edges (because, no bezels), go around the notch (because, animojis), and avoid the indicator bar (because, swipe) so the app experience wasn't disrupted. 

On map screens, we stretched them around the notch to give you more map. On screens with a header we extended it. On the first go around on iPhone X you'll get a faster app with more information on each screen.

But the real fun will start when we get in the phone in our hands.

We're already thinking of what we can do with the corners on either side of the indicator bar. We're also thinking about whether the taller screen will impact how you use the app. Who knows, major changes might lie ahead.

(On that front, we're also hiring more designers & iOS engineers. Click here to apply and join our team.)