Introducing Ads & changes to CLUB

Following the pandemic, our user base has returned and is growing, increasing our server and staff costs. We now support over 400 cities, have integrated hundreds of mobility providers, built proprietary data tools and hired data analysts to provide superior information in all of our cities.

We want to keep the app free for you and millions of users without relying on investors. To do this we must introduce advertising and paid features.

Ads help keep core features free for you and millions of others

By default, these will be non-personalised. But you can opt-in to see more relevant ads that are more interesting for you, while your privacy and personal information will still be protected.

Or you can subscribe to CLUB to remove ads and access additional features

CLUB is designed for users that want more of Citymapper: more routing options, more customisations, and more features. It also allows you to remove ads for a cleaner experience.

Our intention is that the core of the app remains free and we only charge for premium and unique features, but please bear with us as we experiment and find the right balance. 

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Citymapper is valuable but not yet profitable

We obsess about building a great product and fulfilling our mission of getting people around cities using sustainable transportation. We only spend on core expenses like staff and servers (and ok, some overpriced coffee maybe). Your support will help us continue to develop the best product, with the best data, and expand to more cities, so that nobody will ever be lost again.

Team Citymapper