Mmmmh... Marshmallow. Citymapper is M-ready!

This week, Google has started rolling out their new operating system - Android Marshmallow! 

And Citymapper is ready...


Now on Tap

One of the most exciting things on M is "Now on Tap". If you long press your home button, Google Now will scan whatever is on your screen at that time and show you relevant apps.

So we made sure our content is discoverable by Now on Tap. It's early days and this will get more accurate over time, but yo, this is the start of something big. 


New Permission System

Permissions are now handled inside the app. So we'll ask for a permission only when you actually use a specific feature for the first time.

Meaning, more transparency and control for you. Win.



Your phone will now automatically backup things like your favourite stops or saved places. So e.g. when you're getting a new phone, just download Citymapper again and all your preciously saved things will be there again.


App links

"Open with..." no more! When opening a Citymapper link, e.g. a shared place, it'll automatically open in Citymapper, without the tedious "Open with..." dialogue.


Yay Android.
Yay Marshmallow. 

(Yay Future.)