Shared rides for smarter cities

We're building an efficient shared transport solution that is the future of ridesharing in congested cities

Better for the city

Cars with empty seats cause congestion. We need to share our urban infrastructure.

Shared rides get cars off the streets, reduce traffic and are better for the environment.

Users get more affordable rides which encourages walking and sharing.

Ride revolution

Complements public transport infrastructure

Our multimodal app provides all public and private transport choices to help users decide what's best in any situation.

We're helping improve existing transport systems rather than replacing them.

Our multimodal routing technology can combine Ride with public transport.

mulitmodal Ride use

Built using our mobility data and technology

Millions of commuters use our app for journeys across multiple modes of transport, helping us figure out mobility needs of cities.

Our data helps us design a network of pick up spots. Our technology dispatches and allocates drivers to parts of the city based on demand.

We are responsive in realtime to road closures, and react to challenges in the public transport systems like disruptions and strikes.

analysing data to build Ride

Seamlessly integrated with our multimodal app

Ride is available as an option to users of our app, along with all other modes of transport.

Booking is easy with credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

We have developed an in-app ride experience designed for sharing.

Ride from journey results to journey details to Go

A better ride experience

Top drivers, screened and trained, to ensure we offer the safest and best experience.

Citymapper style. We build experiences that users love.

the Ride experience

Operational in London

What riders are saying...

Absolutely LOVING the @Citymapper ride share, such a great service, great innovation team! #london #rideshare #citymapper #happycustomer #Moisagreatdriver
First trip on the @citymapper bus - comfy seats/chargers/snacks, great driver and a nice buddy thrown in too - travelling in luxury from the City > Pall Mall for just £3! 🚌 @CM_Smartride
Having the best @Citymapper SmartRide ever. The driver is calling himself a pilot and just made this announcement to us: “This is your captain speaking, please fasten your seatbelts and help yourself to phone chargers and complimentary water, we are now ready for take off” 😂
Dear @Citymapper smart ride is the best thing that’s ever happened pls don’t take it away any time soon thanks a lot
@BriiMonster Citymapper smart ride is your BFF
In one of those Citymapper SmartRide cars for 1st time. Amazing: smart black Merc people carrier, Euston to Park Lane, rush hour. Not sure of cost yet but sub £5 I think. Amazing.
So @Citymapper’s Smart Ride is so great and everyone should use it - phone chargers, sexy leather seats and only a 4-min wait on loads of different routes. Genius - be nicer to the trees and get involved 🙏
First trip on @Citymapper #SmartRide tonight. £6 for 3 people from Smithfield to Victoria, apparently 2 mins quicker than the tube but door to door / chance to chat and try a new service. Definitely think more shared #ridehailing has potential to unlock new #Mobility demand
My first @Citymapper Smart Ride. Very comfortable indeed, and almost door-to-door for my route.
Today there is a tube strike and @Citymapper “Smart Ride” saved my ass. Second time I use them. Pretty cool service for £5! 😳
Becoming a big fan of @Citymapper Smart Ride. Perfect when there isn’t a convenient public transport route across town.
I am a total convert of @Citymapper Smart Ride 🏃‍♀️💨
In my first ever @Citymapper smart ride. I like that I can charge my phone. It’s the little things...
Just used @Citymapper ‘s SmartRide for the first time and it was awesome. Fast, cheap and had a great chat with the driver 😃👍
Currently on my first ever @Citymapper Smart Ride and it’s basically a big ol’ taxi that some random people might hop into along the way. Don’t know why I haven’t tried this sooner tbh.
Very impressed with @Citymapper SmartRide! Many thanks to my very friendly & helpful driver!
Being back in London and jumping in @Citymapper’s Smart Ride is such a refreshing public transport experience. An inspiring contrast to this morning in Paris where my metro tickets, the easy option for tourists, didn’t work because they’d been « too close » to my credit card.
Sat in the back of a beautiful Mercedes using @Citymapper #smartride for the first time. What a brilliant service! Thanks #citymapper, I'll certainly be recommending and using again✌ #london #transport
I’ve found myself using @Citymapper’s Smart Ride more and more lately. I used it 4 times today to travel through meetings. Brilliant service - you should check it out if you’re around central London.
Thanks @Citymapper for my first Smart Ride. It’s cool. I like the rationale.
Ok wow @Citymapper I am a convert to your Smart Ride. This is such a clever idea!
First time trying @Citymapper Smart Ride - such a great mode of transport for destinations that are popular but kind of not covered by public transport. The swanky SUV is 👌 AND a stop outside work is even better ✌️
Enjoyed my first #smartride through Citymapper £3 trying to make taxis more efficient
Just got off my first @Citymapper smart ride ever. Brilliant fair-for-everyone concept, a happy driver and great #UX. You just turned an app user into a service customer 🤗
Citymapper smart ride is so good! Cheaper than a taxi, not that much more expensive than the tube and phone chargers in the car 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Took my first @Citymapper smart ride today. Great service and it's free! Saved 25mins from my journey #smartride #citymapper
NBD just me an @noplacelike_it using the @Citymapper Smart Ride like kweens. My face is distorted with the excitement. #everydayadventures
@Citymapper Smart Ride is what all cities (and taxi services) should embrace: shared rides, seamless payments. Why not in Milano as well? @ComuneMI 💪🏻 cc @MarcoGranelliMI @secolourbano @frabenzo94
Really enjoyed my first #smartride - you guys @Citymapper crack me up 😂
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