Frequently Asked Questions

Why buses?

Because smarter buses lead to better mobility in cities. You'll see us experiment with new routes every few weeks, and you'll find out about them in our app or on this website. More about why here.

How does your bus work?

Just like a regular bus, but it's smarter.

How much do you charge?

No money. Nothing. Zero. The bus is absolutely free. Amazing.

Can I vape?

No smoking or vaping. But you already knew that didn't you?

Can I bring food and drinks?

Not if it's smelly, alcoholic, or likely to spill.

Can I bring luggage on the bus?

Sure, but be reasonable. You should be able to carry it yourself and it shouldn't be dangerous to other people.

Can I bring my dog?

Sure. Bring your cat too. Animals are welcome as long as our driver thinks your animal looks safe, cute and it isn't gigantic (such as a bear).

What if I lose something?

Don't panic! Contact us at If it's non-perishable, we'll keep it around for at least 2 weeks and tell you how to retrieve it once we've verified it's yours.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Of course we are! Our buses accommodate wheelchairs with a width of up to 70cm and up to a length of 120cm unfolded; mobility scooters up to a width of 60cm and up to a length of 100cm and with a maximum turning radius of 120cm. Our drivers are trained to help anyone who needs it, so don't be afraid to ask.

Can I contact you with feedback?

We were hoping you'd ask that. Get in touch with us at


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