Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a real bus service?

Is water wet? (A: yes) The Citymapper Smartbus is licensed by Transport for London and we are delivering the service in partnership with an established London transit provider.

Are your drivers real bus drivers?

Robots will drive the bus (robots will not drive the bus). Of course all of our bus drivers are “real” drivers who meet every applicable licensing and safety standard set by the people who set these things. Be polite to them - they're really nice.

What are your Conditions of Carriage?

Wow. You must be a transport nerd. Or a regulator. But it’s a good question. We got ‘em, and they’re posted here. (Tl;dr: If you want to ride our bus, don’t do anything on our bus you wouldn’t do on any other bus, except charge your phone and marvel at the smart screens.)

Why did you decide to run buses?

Because we didn't have the time, money, or expertise to build a new tube line? We chose buses because smarter buses lead to better mobility in cities. You’ll see us experiment with what a bus can be, and you’ll be able to find out more about them and where they go in our app or on our website.

Where does this Smartbus actually go?

Great question! Good thing there's an app for that (hint, hint). The service runs between Aldgate East and Highbury & Islington stations via Shoreditch and Dalston (i.e. some of the busier bits of East London) from 10:30 PM to 4:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Open the Citymapper app to see the actual route (look for the green “Smartbus” on the home screen) or view the route on our website. You can also visit our Smartbus page to learn more.

Why did you choose this route?

Citymapper makes cities usable. As people use their city, we’re able to see what gaps exist in transport. In this case, Citymapper’s data team found a gap in the night bus network in some of the busier bits of East London and our software engineers thought it would be helpful to plug it with a better, smarter bus.

How does the bus work?

Just like a regular bus, but it's smarter. It's a Smartbus.

What makes a Smartbus smart?

Here's a hint: it's not the bus body or the engine. It’s still a bus (albeit a green one). The smart part comes from Citymapper's software, which powers the real-time elements of the service and will do things like (fingers crossed) ensure the buses aren't bunching up. We’re also providing the smart displays and the USB ports inside the bus so the late-night party people can see exactly how much further they have to go - and if their connections are running on time - all while charging their devices to send the poorly thought-through messages they’ll later regret. And as the weeks tick by you'll notice even more smart stuff as Smartbus grows up.

Is a Smartbus environmentally friendly?

The bus is green - just look at it! In all seriousness, we’re mindful that all transport has an environmental impact and our Enviro200 buses meet London's high standards. Part of running the Smartbus service is to (eventually) reduce the number of vehicles on the road. While this first step on our adventure doesn’t feature the absolute latest in green bus technology, we're looking at how to incorporate them into future services.

Do you need the Citymapper app to board the Smartbus?

The first rule of Smartbus is that everyone can Smartbus (as long as you pay, obvs). And while it’s always better to have our app - which, by the way, tells you exactly when the Smartbus is coming, and how it fits into the transport network - you don’t need it to ride. But you should totally have the app anyway. It’s handy. But we would say that, wouldn't we?

Why isn't CM2 listed at the physical bus stops along the route?

There's a long and bureaucratic answer to that question, which you probably don't want to read on a Friday or Saturday night. Rest assured, the bus is running the route and stops at all of the stops listed in the app.

How much do you charge and how can I pay?

We’ll let you know in our app how much it costs - we’ll also clearly show pricing on the vehicle itself so you know before you board. (Hint: not much.) Payment can be made using Visa and Mastercard Contactless cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Unfortunately we don’t accept American Express, Oyster, Cash or Non-Contactless cards as payment options. Note: Freedom Pass & Zip Oyster photocard holders can board for free but must present their cards to the driver.

Why don't you accept Oyster cards?

While we’d like to be a part of Oyster, we’re not there yet. Stay tuned. Note: Freedom Pass & Zip Oyster photocard holders can board for free but must present their cards to the driver.

How do I claim a refund if I was overcharged?

Please contact us at and we’ll try to resolve your issue.

Can I vape on the bus?

No smoking or vaping. But then you already knew that.

Can I eat or drink on the bus?

Not if it’s smelly, alcoholic, or likely to spill. But then you already knew that.

Can I bring my luggage on the bus?

Sure. But be reasonable. You should be able to carry it yourself and it shouldn't be dangerous, annoying or obstruct other people.

Can I bring my dog?

Bring your cat, too, if you want. But not your ferret because, weird. Kidding. Animals are welcome as long as our driver thinks your animal looks safe, cute and isn't gigantic (such as a bear). Even better if it has its own Instagram account (be sure to tag it @citymapper #smartbus).

What if I lose something?

Don't panic! We've probably found it. Contact us at or call 020 8601 3555. If it's non-perishable (like your collection of vintage doilies), we'll keep it around for at least 2 weeks and tell you how to retrieve it once we've verified it's yours.

Are the buses wheelchair accessible?

Of course we are! Our buses accommodate wheelchairs with a width of up to 70cm and up to a length of 120cm unfolded; mobility scooters up to a width of 60cm and up to a length of 100cm and with a maximum turning radius of 120cm. People using wheelchairs and mobility scooters will get priority over buggies, bicycles and standing passengers when accessing the designated wheelchair space. Our drivers are trained to help anyone who needs it, so don't be afraid to ask.

How do I contact you with feedback?

We were hoping you'd ask that. Get in touch with us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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