The Ultimate Transport App

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I never thought I could love an app this much.


I love exploring New York because of you. I love New York more because of you.

I love you.


Best app in the AppStore: It's perfect. I love this app more than my children and dog combined.

If my children and my dog and the citymapper app all went through a teleporter at the same time, like in the movie The Fly, and mutated into a horribly lovable hybrid monster, only then could I love something more than this app as it currently stands.


Hey Citymapper. I want to have your babies.


Listening to a girl on the bus introduce her friend to Citymapper.

Welcome to the revolution.




The inventor of Citymapper, god bless you.

You, your close and extended family and descendants of at least 5 generations.


Home is where the Citymapper app is.


When there ain't no Tube... your neighbourhood...
Who you gonna call?



If I could have one app on my phone, this would be it.

Angela Cruz

You are to Google Maps what Google Maps is to Apple Maps.

Muthu R

It feels like having a superpower.

Brett Lider (Design Lead - Android Wear)

Tell your friends! Tell your family. Call up your exes and tell them too. Make prank calls to spread the word. It's that good.




No dia que eu for para São Paulo eu só vou usar o Citymapper c***** me apaixonei.


Best transit superpower EVER. It's so good.

Feel like Jason Bourne skipping between trains.


Uau! Esqueça todos os outros, esse app simplesmente faz tudo que você imaginar. Estou muito feliz que tenha chegado a SP.

Parabéns aos desenvolvedores para melhorar a vida de tantas pessoas!


Os quiero. Si tuviera que casarme con una app, sería con esta. Gracias.


De app gooit wereldwijd zeer hoge ogen, misschien is het wel de beste ov-planner ter wereld.


Ick bin kein Berliner... aba ick kenn mir nu aus wie einer… genial.

Jens Hofmann
Citymapper is, quite simply, the best travel app to be introduced in New York City.
Boring. Does not include Mars.