Realtime Travel Times

Travel times are realtime and update every minute

For a long time humans have settled for travel times based on information contained in timetables and old world technology.

But the realtime city doesn't work that way. Buses get stuck in traffic. Metros run on frequencies. Trains get delayed. There are variations based on time of day and sections of the city.

In the era of realtime, we're reinventing the way travel times are calculated.

Based on the actual state of the city and its transport network right now.

Now whenever you see the flashing yellow wavy symbol (occasionally misunderstood as a wifi icon :( ), you will know that the travel time is real, based on your current location and ability to catch transport.

And since the state of the city and the transport network changes every minute, travel times are recalculated and updated every minute!

There is a lot of engineering that went into this, and many engineers lost their lives in bringing you this information.

Travel times will continue to get better over time as we do more brainy things.

Improved travel times for Uber, including pickup time

More accurate travel time estimates are now coming directly from Uber.

And we're taking into account the time you have to wait for a car.

So the total time is a more accurate estimate of the entire length of time you need to get to your destination.

Now you can more accurately figure out: should I take transit or an Uber?