G'day Sydney!

A couple of weeks ago here at Citymapper we launched Seattle. Then, we went on Twitter to check on people's reactions. 



Maybe check on Facebook? We saw a notification for a message...

Well... Better go back to Twitter?


Enough. We have an emergency here. We don't want to ruin people's lives.

We rounded up all the Aussies in our team and told them to get Sydney up and running or we'll replace all the beers in the fridge with Fosters. Panic ensued, but it turns out they had already been hard at work building Sydney! So with bit more elbow grease, we can proudly announce that... 

Citymapper is now [finally] available in Sydney! ๐Ÿ™Œ

To make it up for the long wait, we made the ultimate transport app for you. Here's what it can do:


SmartCommute: all about your commute, right on the first screen

A personal dashboard to compare all your options and make your commute less of a hassle. Just set your Home and Work addresses to use it.

If you live in North Willoughby and work at the city, for example: bus or train?

We do the math. 

And we tell where you need to go.


Live departures at a glance

You've just left work, just want to go home. Fast. Life is hard when you have to look for information and might miss your train. No more running around like a headless chook, checking departures at every platform: live data at every station

Including delays and cancellations.

And at every bus stop, ferry pier. Everything.


And if you're on a train and need to transfer to another one, the app tells you everything you need to know.



No worries when planning your weekend...

Because going to the zoo during the weekend sounds like a good idea. Spending hours planning it with your family doesn't sound a like a good idea. 

You can check real time information for the ferries with just a few taps.


Combining public transport + taxis

New routes you never knew existed

Actually, we want you to never, ever fear double demerits when going to that barbie on a Saturday arvo. One app and you'll ride public transport like a pro


Now that we've made it, help us improve it

Download the app, tell your friends, give us feedback... The more humans, the better. 

By the way, we also launched Melbourne. Can someone tell Matt, please, he can now move to Australia with peace of mind? Thanks! Enjoy.