Citymapper on Apple Watch

As of the Series 2, we've revamped our Watch app.   


The focus is on A to B. All the places that you wish to go next at your disposal.



Instantly ready. We ping you ahead of time to get you moving.




This is key. The app will keep you informed whenever required.

Just raise your wrist and see what you need to do during your current journey. 

We cover all sorts of Complications

Watch faces matter more now, and there are plenty of options. We are available in any form you choose.

And if you pick the (large) complication, here's what you can expect:

It just works!

We’ve written previously about how fantastic the concept of wearables is for our use case.

For a journey, you just want the piece of info that's relevant to you at that point in time. Next departure. Get off at the next stop. The Watch app can help you with all these snippets of information on the go.