GO Trip Stats

Public transit does not get the respect it deserves. It's better for the city. It's better for your health. It's better for your wallet. It's better for the environment.

We help you quantify it. So you can feel good about the good that you're doing in this world. Good?

Just use GO on your trips, and we'll do the rest.

You vs Evil Cars: quantify the impact of your trips

There are 3 ways we quantify and compare your trips against harmful, single-occupancy, planet-destroying vehicles.

Calories burned - Yes, public transit is healthier since you walk more. You can add up all your efforts. 

Trees saved - Yes, public transit saves CO2 and is better for the environment. Every trip you take saves trees and you can properly account for your contributions.

Money saved - Yes, public transit is cheaper. We take into account both standing costs (purchase, insurance, depreciation) and running costs (fuel, repairs, city parking) to help you understand all the $bling$ you have been saving.


You vs Your City: learn about your behaviour

Use GO trips to learn more about your habits and how they compare to the rest of the city.

As well as compare against others in your city.

We/ve been doing some maths and can show you interesting facts about how you compare to the rest of your city.


You vs Yourself: optimise your frequent trips

Start using GO on your daily commute and race your own time.

We show how your every day variations matter to help you optimise your trips.

You can compare all your history to see how you did and plan better in the future.

For example try all the different ways you can commute for days and learn the truth about your real travel times.

The more you use GO the more accurate your stats will get.


You vs History: trip receipts

Need to show evidence of a trip to your employer? Or your mom?  No problem.

Delete any trip easily as well in case you wish to do the opposite.


Keep using 'GO'

Not only does GO help you with on trip assistance, and improve the quality of data in your city, you can also collect stats about yourself and your city, and feel good about the benefits of public transport.


Down with cars. 3 cheers for better urban mobility.