Live departures for all NYC Subway lines

It's time for some good news about your Subway, straphangers. No, really. Hey - stop laughing. We're serious.

Everybody knows about the major problems facing the MTA, but what about the day-to-day commuting hassle of not knowing when the next train is coming? 

Well, hassle solved friends, because...

...the app now features live departures for ALL major NYC Subway lines!

With the addition of the 7, Citymapper now has accurate live departure information for all lettered and numbered lines!  

That's right. No more 1534 minute least not on the platform. You can check live departure times before you head out the door. An added bonus: no more having to hunt for countdown clocks hung in weird places!

(Weird, amirite?)

Instead of that nonsense, now you'll see these:

Now, accurate departure times are one thing; getting you around suspended services is another. That's why we also...

...route around Subway disruptions in real-time!

Last summer, we first told you about our robot Gobot deciphering all of those gobbledygook MTA alerts to route you around planned and unplanned Subway disruptions in real-time: 

Well, Gobot is getting better with practice and is absolutely crushing those disruptions 24/7, so you'll have no stress there either. 

All you have to do is tap 'Get Me Somewhere' and we' you there. We'll give you the best option, based on what is happening at that exact moment, without you having to read, think about, or decipher anything!

Now...time to see if Gobot can figure out how to improve Subway switches and signalling...