Welcome Chicago!

Welcome Chicago! You're the second largest transit system in the US. You just don’t get enough respect do you? Don’t worry B, you ride at a higher level than everyone else. We got all 8 lines of your looping ‘L’, and will tell you if you are going clockwise or counter, we got the Divvy (although we’re not sure where the red one is), we got the Metra trains from Kenosha to Joliet, from Union Station to Aurora, and we have lots of real-time buses, including suburban Pace. Oh the winter will come one day, but you will be ready.

If you’re new to Citymapper, here are some pointers about features in the app. 

- Get Me Somewhere: Directions between any two points in Chicagoland, comparing routes between all different modes of transport. We use our own routing algorithms. Besides public transit, you can also compare walking and cycling routes, and get estimates for cab journey times. 

- Save your home and work addresses, and route yourself there with one tap using “Get Me Home” or “Get Me to Work”. Save other locations you frequently go to and get directions with “My Places”.

-  Meet Me Somewhere: Share the location of a meeting place with friends via text, e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter directly from the app. The message will contain a map and route directions.

- See real-time arrivals for specific stops/stations. Disclaimer: this data comes directly from the transit agencies, so if the bus doesn’t come in 5 minutes even though Citymapper says it will, sorry! We can show you the info, but we can’t make CTA run on time or make them send 100% accurate ETAs (we wish we could but alas, don’t have those powers just yet).

- View real-time disruption info for the 'L' and Twitter updates from the official CTA and Metra Twitter accounts. Tired of leaving to go to the station, only to discover that the trains are delayed with no explanation of what’s going on and no ETA of when things will be back to normal? Citymapper’s Line Status screen is your one-stop shop for those updates.

There are other features as well, so we hope you can explore the app. This is just the beginning -- we’ll be continuously improving the app to help people get around Chicagoland even more easily in the future. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to share by e-mailing support@citymapper.com