Introducing 'Routing Powers'

Finding the best possible route from A to B has always been core to what we do.

Time to take things to the next level...


For most navigation apps, the default approach has always been to get you from A to B the fastest.

In real life though, the "best" trip isn't only driven by efficiency, but by many personal factors...

- What do I want my experience to be?
- Do I have time or is it tight?
- Weekday, or weekend?
- How active do I want to be?
- What's my preference for different modes?
- How much do I want to spend?
- How much do I want to think?

We don't all move the same. We make our choices based on personal preference and our current circumstances.


Find the best route, based on your priorities

Every trip now comes with a powerful set of filters that you can apply based on your in-the-moment priorities.


The first set of Routing Powers

We've begun rolling out the first set of Powers across many of our cities and we will keep adding new Powers over time.

Plan a trip to see which Powers are launched in your city.


The first Powers...


Buses are your preferred mode, and that's all you want to use. Enjoy the view, have stable internet, save some monies. 



For people who seek speed, directness, and with a general dislike for getting-stuck-in-traffic. 



Focuses on journeys with the fewest transfers involved. Settle into your podcast, no mental acrobatics, just relax. 



Combines the best of private and public options into one swift, scintillating transit experience.



Gives you only journeys with NO stairs. Including best entrances/exits, elevators and detailed maps. 


More Powers coming...

This is just the beginning. Uncover them as they launch.


Moving beyond efficiency 

Our cities and our lifestyles are changing, which means our assumptions around movement will also continue to change.

Here's to a healthier, more sustainable future, where active travel—walking, cycling, scootering—plays a bigger role in how we move.

An abundant future, where options for movement continue to grow, and the public and private sectors complement each other.

A flexible future, where our place of work can be at the office. Or at home. Or in transit, in co-working hubs, cafes, the foyers of art galleries.

A more personalised future, where we’re free to move based on what matters to each of us.

A future where the journey itself is as important as the arrival.


Try out the first set of Routing Powers, let us know which ones we should build next.

More to come, soon.