New Routing Power - TURBO

With Routing Powers, every trip comes with a powerful set of filters that you can apply based on your in-the-moment priorities.


New Routing Power - TURBO

Find the absolute fastest route, right NOW.

Calculated with realtime departures.

Updated and re-ranked every 60 seconds.


Plan a trip and tap on 'Turbo'


See the fastest routes, easily compare by arrival time


Results are real-time, updating every 60 seconds!

Here's where it gets interesting. All results are calculated taking your location and real-time departures into account. Meaning, at one point, the fastest option might be to take the bus, because a bus is arriving exactly when you need it to. But 2 minutes later, the fastest option might be the train. That's some real routing rocket science right there!

This page automatically updates every minute, but if you can't wait that long, just tap the refresh button to re-calculate the fastest route, there and then.


This is just the beginning, more Powers coming...

We'll keep adding new Powers, uncover them as they launch!


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