Citymapper Mobility Index comes to an end



A useful tool for the pandemic

CMI ran for one and a half years. We are proud to have been the first company to share mobility data openly and publicly in order to help advise and inform cities, governments, health authorities, media, business, and the general public.



CMI's data was used by Media and Organisations around the world... help visualise and inform



Citymapper Mobility Index comes to an end

Now that cities are beginning to open up again, we are cautiously excited about mobility returning, so we have taken our Mobility Index offline. We will continue to focus on evolving our app further, catering to new factors such as hybrid working, the changes to public transport agencies and their agenda, and the continued adoption of new transport modes like e-bikes, scooters and car sharing.

We hope we can share more analysis soon about what we are seeing in cities in this new era.

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