Citymapper introduces iOS Lock Screen Navigation

Citymapper is all about delivering the right information on the spot, to get you to your destination seamlessly.

We’re incredibly excited to launch new Lock Screen Navigation on iOS 16.1. You can now follow the progress of your GO trip and get step-by-step guidance without unlocking your iPhone.

We have received lots of positive reviews from users everywhere since the feature was launched. We're glad you love it too! πŸ’š

So... how does it work?

Our new Lock Screen Navigation is designed to give you the info you need, when you need it.

Just tap GO...


...and tap on Live Activity to return to your trip details.


Let's look at each stage...


🚢‍♀️ Walk, cycle or scoot to your destination

βœ… Shows you how close you are to your destination
βœ… …all the turns along the way 
βœ… Pro tip: Turn on voice instructions!


🚢🏻‍♂️Walk to the station or stop

βœ… Always see your next turn
βœ… Automatic rerouting, in case you go off-piste
βœ… Live departures, so you know if you can get a coffee on the way


πŸ•‘ Wait at the station

βœ… Shows your next departure, so you know how long you’ll wait
βœ… Tells you which carriage to sit in to minimise walking
βœ… Informs you about delays and cancellations


🚌 πŸš‚ On the train, bus, or metro

βœ… Keeps track of the number of stops to go
βœ… Alerts you before your final stop, so you can get ready



🏝 One more thing…

On iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Live Activities also appear in the Dynamic Island, so you can follow your progress while using other apps.


Learn more about iOS 16.1

Watch the Apple Event or read our feature on Apple to learn more about Live Activity and Dynamic Island. We think you’re going to love it.




Team Citymapper