Where to Get On the Train

One of our most requested and debated features, which we really can't figure out what to call: 

Best Boarding Strategy on Platforms for Carriage/ Car /Train Exit Planning Optimisation

aka 'Where to Get On the Train'

High five!

In journeys and GO mode we will advise you where (front / middle / back) to get on the train in order to be best positioned to the exit / transfer when you get off.

In peak hours this will knock minutes off your journey time and lead to more combined zen in the city.

We have collected this data as much as we've been able to in all our cities, but its not complete.

Hey, here's an idea!

How about you help us out?

Tap on 'Improve Data' at the bottom of journey pages, and you can send us feedback on anything we're missing. Yay!