A new mode of transport: Car Sharing

Hello Car2go and welcome to Car Sharing!

Hey, Toronto! Today we gift you a new way to get around. Introducing Car2go, a car sharing service that you can pick up -- and park -- anywhere from Midtown to Harbourfront to The Beaches.

Here's the full coverage area...

1) See all available cars around you

See the real-time location of available cars around you: just go to the Near page and tap "Car2go."

We show you the cars on the map, and additional information such as fuel level, plate number and the address in front of which the car is parked.

2) Plan Routes with Car2go

Whenever you plan a trip within Car2go's coverage area we'll show you a Car2go option alongside walking, cycling, taxi and public transport. We show you how long it takes, along with how much it costs.


Adding car sharing is a big step towards our vision of a truly multimodal transport app. Bus, streetcar, metro, train, bike hire, walking, cab... and now car sharing. What's next?