Share your ETA, as you move!

We've improved Sharing. All over.

A custom share sheet with quick access to sharing live ETAs by however you like to communicate - WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, text messaging or email. We also tried to add Snapchat but it seems to have disappeared.

You can share:

- Locations & Places (so your friends can meet you there)
- Your live ETA
- Routes & Directions
- Stops and Stations
- Lines & Disruptions
- The app itself (thanks)


Try it... share your live ETA

The one we recommend most is sharing your ETA, press GO and share your ETA with someone you love, or at least have a platonic understanding with.

Share even with those poor souls who don't have the app, since it all works on the mobile web. They will see you move in real time. Your life will never be the same again (well, you might actually have to be on time). 

People with the link can follow your progress on a map in realtime and see exactly when you'll arrive.


Try it... share any place or location


One tap for so your friends can also find out how to get there. Simple.