Citymapper Mastercard® Pass Subscription

Terms and Conditions

Valid as of 1 March 2019

At Citymapper, our mission is to make cities usable, and our Citymapper Mastercard Pass ("Pass") will make your travels in London seamless, whether you're using public or private transport.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: These Pass terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") incorporate the Citymapper General Terms, and together ("Agreement") they apply to the use of the Citymapper Pass, which is provided to you by Citymapper Limited ("Citymapper") and the Issuer. The card that has been issued to you as part of your Citymapper Pass subscription is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Ltd, 5th Floor, Langham House, 302-308 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AT ("the Issuer"or "PFS").

The Pass is a travel pass designed for use within London. The exact modes of transport and amount of allowed travel included in your Pass depend on the subscription plan you choose to buy ("Subscription"). By buying a Subscription, you accept the terms of this Agreement, and by travelling on an individual operator's vehicles, you accept the conditions of carriage that are set by that operator.

We will give you at least 2 months' notice if we change these Terms and Conditions in accordance with Clause 7 below. If we do this, you may terminate this Agreement at any time and without charge before the proposed changes take effect; otherwise we assume you have accepted the changes when the 2 months' notice expires.

We will communicate with you in English. Key information relating to Pass and your Subscription will be provided to you at the email address you registered when you created your personal account for Pass (your "Subscription Account") in the Citymapper app/web. You may also access this information at any time by logging in to your Subscription Account in the Citymapper app. You agree that we may provide notices or other information to you from time to time by posting it in your Subscription Account, emailing it to your registered email address, mailing it to your registered physical address, calling you by phone, or sending you mobile notifications or texts. Notices to you by email or mobile messages shall be deemed given 24 hours after the message is sent, unless we are notified that the email address or mobile number is invalid.

We make these terms available on our website and in our app, and you can also request a copy of any legally required disclosures (including these terms) by emailing us at

  1. Contact and Regulatory Information
    1. Your Pass is a prepaid Mastercard issued by PFS, which can be used to travel in London in accordance with your Subscription. Your Subscription Account is a data record in Citymapper's systems where Citymapper records your journey data and other information from time to time. Both your Pass and Subscription Account can be managed in the Citymapper app or via email to To report your Pass lost or stolen please notify us in the Citymapper app or email
    2. PFS issues your Pass and executes all transactions on the Pass. PFS is registered in England and Wales under Company Registration Number is 6337638. Registered Office: 5th Floor, Langham House, 302-308 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AT. PFS is authorised and regulated as an e-money issuer by the Financial Conduct Authority registration number 900036. Details of the PFS authorisation licence by the Financial Conduct Authority is available on the public register at Prepaid Financial Services Limited is licensed as a principal member with the Mastercard Scheme. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.
    3. Citymapper Limited is registered in England and Wales under Company Registration Number 07370388 with a registered office at 6th Floor, 9 Appold Street, London, EC2A 2AP.
    4. References to "We" "Us" and "Our" refer to Citymapper and the Issuer.
  2. Eligibility, Account Sign Up, Identity Checks
    1. You must be 18 years or older to sign up to Pass and buy a Subscription.
    2. Your Pass is not a credit card and is not issued by a bank. It is a travel pass that can only be used for transport in accordance with the Subscription you have chosen to purchase.
    3. You cannot share your Pass with others.
    4. We will not activate your Subscription Account unless we have been provided with the information we require to identify you and comply with all applicable legal requirements. We will keep records of such information and documents in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
    5. The mailing address you register when creating your Subscription Account is also the address to which we will send any correspondence. You must notify us within 7 calendar days of any change in the Subscription Account address or your other contact details. You can notify us by contacting You will be liable for any loss that directly results from any failure to notify us of such a change as a result of undue delay, your gross negligence or fraud. We will need to verify your new Subscription Account address and shall request the relevant proofs from you.
    6. We reserve the right at any time to satisfy ourselves as to your identity and home address (for example, by requesting relevant original documents) for the purposes of preventing fraud and/or money laundering. In addition, at the time of your application or at any time in the future, in connection with your Subscription Account, you authorise us to perform electronic identity verification checks directly or using relevant third parties.
    7. After you have provided the basic personal information we need in order to verify your identity, you will receive your Pass in the post at your Subscription Account address. Although the identity checks generally happen quickly, we may require further information from you as set out above in Clause 2.6.
  3. Receiving and Activating Your Pass
    1. You will receive your Pass along with a code ("Activation Code") in the post. You must enter this Activation Code into your Citymapper app to activate your Pass. You can start using your Pass once it is activated.
    2. You may access your Subscription Account information by logging into your Subscription Account through the Citymapper app. From here you will be able to view details on your journeys, including dates and forms of transport taken. This information is accessible at any time in the app.
    3. Each time you log in to your Subscription Account, you will receive a magic link to your registered email address. As long as you have accessed the link from that email address, we will assume that you are the person giving instructions and you will be liable for them, except to the extent provided for in Clause 11. We can refuse to act on any instruction that we believe: (i) was unclear; (ii) was not given by you; (iii) might cause us to breach a legal or other duty; or (iv) if we believe the Pass is being used for an illegal purpose.
    4. We will do all that we reasonably can to prevent unauthorised access to your Account. As long as you have not breached the other terms contained in this clause 3 or clause 11 (Managing and Protecting Your Account), we will accept liability for any loss or damage to you resulting directly from any unauthorised access to your Account in line with Clauses 13 (Liability for Unauthorised or Incorrectly Executed Transactions) and 14 (Liability) of this Agreement.
  4. Billing and Continuous Payment Authority
    1. Subscriptions run weekly from Monday to Sunday (a "Subscription Week"). When you buy a Subscription, you'll be charged on the date of purchase, which is payment in advance for the first week of your subscription. After you have activated your Pass, your subscription begins the following Monday.
    2. Unless you cancel your Subscription by following the cancellation instructions in Clause 10 (Cancellation or Suspension) below, Citymapper will automatically charge your chosen method of payment ("Payment Card") and collect your weekly subscription fee ("Subscription Fee") a day or two before the next subscription week begins on a Monday.
    3. If your Payment Card is declined, Citymapper will make several attempts to collect any fees due or outstanding to Citymapper from your Payment Card (including any fees under Clause 4.6) and will prompt you for a new payment method, but Citymapper reserves the right to terminate your Subscription or restrict your use of the Pass at any time until it is satisfied you have sufficient funds on your Payment Card.
    4. If your Payment Card becomes invalid, or if the Subscription Fee is refused for any reason, you must provide us with a new eligible Payment Card within 24 hours of the refusal, or your Subscription may be cancelled and/or your Pass use restricted. You will not be refunded for any period of time your Payment Card is invalid or your Subscription Fee is refused.
    5. You must always have sufficient funds on your Payment Card to pay Citymapper for your weekly Subscription Fee and also for journeys that fall outside your Subscription or journey-related penalties (such as travelling outside of Zone 1-2, or being charged for not returning a Santander cycle within 30 minutes), together "Out of Subscription Charges".
    6. If you incur Out of Subscription Charges, you must repay those amounts to Citymapper immediately, and you give Citymapper continuous payment authority to charge your Payment Card immediately for these amounts.
  5. Upgrading or Downgrading a Subscription Plan
    1. You can upgrade or downgrade your Subscription at any time in accordance with the following clauses. Any changes to your Subscription can be made within the Citymapper app or by contacting us at
    2. Upon any requested changes to your Subscription, you will be charged for your new Subscription at the date of your request and your Pass will give you access to your new Subscription plan from the following Monday.
    3. Upon any upgrade, Citymapper will charge your Payment Card the new Subscription Fee for your chosen new Subscription plan.
    4. Upon any downgrade, your previous, higher-level Subscription will not be refunded, and instead your previous higher-level Subscription will continue until your new, downgraded Subscription takes effect on the next Monday.
    5. If you have subscribed to our most basic subscription package, you cannot downgrade to any other subscription plan.
  6. Pausing your Subscription
    1. You can pause your Subscription in the Citymapper app one week at a time provided you pause by the Saturday prior to the week you wish to pause. Pausing means you will not be charged your Subscription Fee for the next week.
    2. Your option to pause your Subscription is subject to a £2 fee per week, which will be charged to your Payment Card, and because you may pause only one week at a time, you must repeatedly pause in the Citymapper app if you wish to pause for more than one week.
    3. While your Subscription is paused, you may continue using your Pass as a ‘pay as you go' travel card, and we will continue to charge your Payment Card for any charges that you incur while doing so, treating them as Out of Subscription Charges as described above in clause 4 (Billing and Continuous Payment Authority).
  7. Changes to these Terms and Conditions
    1. Citymapper reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement, including changing the Subscription Fee and what is included in your Subscription at any time in its sole discretion. Citymapper will give you notice of any changes in the Citymapper app, or by e-mail notification at least 2 months in advance. After the notice period, all changes will be effective upon your next billing cycle. In this case, you can avoid these changes by cancelling your Subscription at any time and free of charge via the Citymapper app during the 2 month notice period.
    2. Where an amendment to the terms of this Agreement is required by law or relates to the addition of a new service, extra functionality to the existing service, or any other change which neither reduces your rights nor increases your responsibilities, the amendment may be made without prior notice to you and shall be effective immediately.
  8. Use of the Pass
    1. You agree to use the Pass only for lawful purposes and to adhere at all times to all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the use of the Subscription, including the terms of this Agreement.
  9. Right to Withdraw During "Cooling-Off"
    1. From the day you pay your first Subscription Fee, you have a "Cooling Off" period of 14 calendar days to withdraw from this Agreement and cancel your Subscription with a refund minus any reasonable costs for Subscription services you have already used before you withdraw. If you wish to withdraw from this Agreement during this Cooling Off period, you must inform us by emailing us from your registered email address at We recommend using the model cancellation form below. From the date that you withdraw from this Agreement, you must not use the Subscription or Pass in any way.
    2. After this Cooling Off period has ended you may only terminate your Subscription as described in Clause 10 (Cancellation or Suspension).
    3. Cancellation Form:

      To: Citymapper Limited, 6th Floor, 9 Appold Street, London, EC2A 2AP
      I hereby give notice that I cancel my Citymapper Pass Subscription,
      Ordered on [*date*]
      Name of consumer
      Address of consumer
      Signature of consumer

  10. Cancellation or Suspension
    1. You must pay the full subscription fee for four Subscription Weeks before any cancellation takes effect ("Minimum Period").
    2. Subject to the Minimum Period described above in clause 10.1, you may cancel your Subscription at any time by giving us at least one week's notice within the Citymapper app or by emailing Your cancellation will take effect on the Sunday of the week after you have let us know you wish to cancel, which means your Pass will continue to work until then.
    3. Citymapper may terminate your Subscription at our discretion with prior notice of at least 2 months.
    4. Notwithstanding clause 10.3, Citymapper may terminate your Subscription at any time (and we will not give any refund for termination) related to conduct that we determine, in our discretion, violates the terms of this Agreement, any applicable law, or involves fraud or misuse of the Pass.
    5. Citymapper may terminate or suspend, for such period as may reasonably be required, your use of the Pass at any time or the processing of any journey charges if:
      1. there is any fault or failure in the relevant data processing system(s);
      2. we reasonably believe that you have used or are likely to use the Pass in breach of this Agreement or to commit an offence;
      3. any Pass or Subscription Account may be at risk of fraud or misuse;
      4. we suspect that you have provided false or misleading information;
      5. we are required to do so by law, the police, a court or any relevant governmental or regulatory authority;
      6. required to fulfil our legal obligations in relation to the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism;
      7. there is suspicion of unauthorised or fraudulent access to or use of your Subscription Account or that any of its security features have been compromised, including the unauthorised or fraudulent initiation of a transaction made using the Pass;
      8. we have reasonable grounds to believe you are carrying out a prohibited or illegal activity;
      9. we are unable to verify your identity or any other information pertaining to you, your Subscription Account or a transaction made using the Pass.
    6. Where it is practicable and lawful for us to do so or would not compromise reasonably justified security reasons, we will notify you via email of the suspension or restriction and the reasons for it before such measures take place or immediately thereafter.
    7. We will reinstate your Subscription Account as soon as practicable after the reasons pursuant to Clause 10.5 no longer apply or exist.
  11. Managing & Protecting Your Account
    1. You are responsible for the safekeeping of your Subscription Account, your Activation Code, and the email address you have used to create your Subscription Account.
    2. Do not share your Activation Code or the information of which email address you have registered with your Account with anyone.
    3. If you have a problem accessing your account, you should email
    4. If you disclose your Activation Code or share your registered email account with anyone, you are responsible and liable for their access, use or misuse of your Subscription Account, their breach of the terms of this Agreement or disclosure of your account details.
    5. You must not give the Pass to any other person or allow any other person to use your Subscription Account. You must keep the Pass in a safe place.
    6. Failure to comply with Clauses 11.2 and/or 11.5 may affect your ability to claim any losses under Clause 13 in the event that we can show that you have intentionally failed to keep the information safe or you have acted fraudulently, intentionally, with undue delay or with gross negligence. In all other circumstances your maximum liability shall be as set out below at Clause 14.
    7. If you believe that someone else knows your Subscription Account or Pass security details, you should contact us immediately in accordance with Clause 12.
    8. Once your Subscription is cancelled, or if your Pass is found after you have reported it as lost or stolen, you must destroy your Pass by cutting it in two, through the magnetic strip.
  12. Loss or Theft of your Pass or Misappropriation of Your Subscription Account
    1. If your Pass is lost or stolen, or if you think someone is using your Pass without your permission, or if your Pass is damaged or malfunctions:
      1. You must notify Citymapper in the app or email from your registered email account as soon as possible and you must provide us with some other identifying details acceptable to us so that we can be sure we are speaking to you;
      2. Provided we have obtained your consent to end your existing Subscription and start a new Subscription, we will then provide you with a replacement Pass and Activation Code to activate your new Subscription;
      3. Your new Subscription will not start until the Monday after you activate your Pass using the accompanying Activation Code; and
      4. You will be charged for the remainder of your existing Subscription but after that you will not charged again until your new Pass has been activated.
    2. Once we have been notified of any loss or theft, we will cancel your existing Pass as soon as we are able, to limit any further losses (see Clause 13). We can only take steps to prevent unauthorised use of the Pass if you can provide sufficient details to identify yourself and the relevant Subscription.
    3. Replacement Passes will be posted to the most recent Subscription Account address registered by you.
    4. If you subsequently find or retrieve a Pass that you have reported lost or stolen, you must immediately destroy the found Pass by cutting it in half through the magnetic stripe and chip.
    5. You agree to help us, our agents, regulatory authorities and the police if your Pass is lost, stolen or if we suspect that your Pass is being misused.
  13. Liability for Unauthorised Charges
    1. If you have failed to comply with Clause 11 (Managing and Protecting your Account) or let us know about a lost or stolen card, you will be liable for any unauthorised charges made outside your subscription.
    2. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are acting fraudulently, you are liable for any transport journeys that are made outside of your Subscription plan.
  14. Liability
    1. Citymapper will not be liable for any loss, expense, claim damage, injury or inconvenience that you may sustain arising directly or indirectly from a transport operator's failure to operate a particular service. Except for Citymapper Ride, we do not set any of the conditions of carriage or terms and conditions, including eligibility for refunds, of the different transport operators. Furthermore, you are liable for any contravention of any relevant carrier terms and conditions.
    2. Citymapper is an independent organisation providing a subscription service for transport, and the Pass is not connected to or endorsed by Transport for London.
    3. This Agreement does not give you any rights against Mastercard, its affiliates or any third party.
    4. Without prejudice to Clause 13 (Liability for Unauthorised Charges) and subject to Clause 14.7:
      1. neither party shall be liable to the other for indirect or consequential loss or damage (including without limitation loss of business, profits or revenues), incurred in connection with this Agreement, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise;
      2. We shall not be liable:
        1. if you are unable to use the Pass for any valid reason stated in this Agreement;
        2. for any fault or failure beyond our reasonable control relating to the use of the Pass, including but not limited to, a lack of available funds on the Payment Card or fault in or failure of data processing systems;
        3. for the operation of transport services that are purchased with your Pass;
        4. for any dispute you might have with a transport operator
    5. You agree that you will not use the Pass in an illegal manner, and you agree to indemnify us against any claim or proceeding brought about by such illegal use.
    6. You are solely responsible for your interactions with transport operators. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor or mediate such disputes.
    7. To the fullest extent permitted by relevant law, and subject to Clause 13 (Liability for Unauthorised Charges) and Clause 14.8, our total liability under or arising from this Agreement shall be limited as follows:
      1. where your Pass is faulty due to our default, our liability shall be limited to replacement of the Pass or, at our choice, repayment to you of an amount towards your Subscription Fee; and
      2. in all other circumstances of our default, our liability will be limited to a refund of your Subscription Fee.
    8. Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit any party's liability in respect of death or personal injury arising from that party's negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation.
    9. No party shall be liable for, or be considered in breach of this Agreement on account of, any delay or failure to perform as required by this Agreement as a result of any causes or conditions which are beyond such Party's reasonable control.
  15. Dispute Resolution
    1. We are committed to providing an excellent customer experience for all our Customers. If we do not meet your expectations in any way, we want to have the opportunity to put things right.
    2. In the first instance, your initial communication will be with Citymapper's customer service team who can be contacted by email at
    3. If having received a response from Citymapper's customer service team you are unhappy with the outcome, please contact the Complaints Team of Prepaid Financial Services Ltd, 5th Floor, Langham House, 302-308 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AT in writing via email on
    4. Once received, the Complaints Team will conduct an investigation and you will receive a response of its findings within 15 days of receipt of the complaint. In exceptional circumstances where we are unable to reply within the first 15 days, we will reply providing a reason for the delay and deadline for response, not more than 35 days after first receipt of complaint.
    5. If the Complaints Team is unable to resolve your complaint and you wish to escalate your complaint further, please contact the Financial Ombudsman Service at South Key Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR. Details of the service offered by the Financial Ombudsman Service are available at or alternatively you can lodge your complaint in your country of domicile with the Online Dispute Resolution process at
    6. You must provide us with all receipts and information that are relevant to your claim.
  16. Your Personal Data
    1. Citymapper is a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office in the UK under registration number ZA017660.
    2. PFS is a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office in the UK under registration number Z1821175
    3. In order for us to provide you with the services relating to your Account, we are required to collect and process personal data about you using the lawful basis of legal requirement to meet our obligations under Anti-Money Laundering legislation, legitimate interests and necessity to perform a contract.
    4. We may disclose or check your personal data with other organisations and obtain further information about you in order to verify your identity and comply with applicable money laundering and governmental regulations. A record of our enquiries will be left on your file.
    5. We may pass your personal data on to third-party service providers as further detailed in Citymapper's privacy policy. Any third parties that we may share your data with are obliged to keep your details secure, and to use them only to fulfil the service they provide you on our behalf.
    6. As further detailed in Citymapper's privacy policy, you have the right to receive information concerning the personal data we hold about you and to rectify such data where it is inaccurate or incomplete. You have the right to object to or withdraw any consent you have given for certain types of processing such as direct marketing.
    7. Your data will be retained for 6 years after the end of the provision of services to you, where your data will be destroyed in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.
    8. In the event that you wish to make a complaint about how your personal data is being processed by us, or how your complaint has been handled, you have the right to lodge a complaint directly with the supervisory authority and Citymapper's Data Protection Officer as specified in our privacy policy.
    9. Citymapper's privacy policy provides full details on your rights as a data subject and our obligations as a data controller. Please read this document carefully and ensure you understand your rights.
  17. Miscellaneous
    1. We may assign or transfer our rights, interest or obligations under this Agreement to any third party (including by way of merger, consolidation or the acquisition of all or substantially all of our business and assets relating to the Agreement) upon 2 months' written notice. This will not adversely affect your rights or obligations under this Agreement.
    2. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to confer a benefit on any person who is not a party to it, and no such person has any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any terms of this Agreement, but this Clause do not affect a right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from that Act.
    3. Any waiver or concession we may allow you, will not affect our strict rights and your obligations under this Agreement.
    4. This Agreement and the documents referred to in it, constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the parties and supersede any previous agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.
  18. Regulation & Law
    1. The Pass is a payment service and not a deposit, credit or banking product and therefore is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
    2. In the event a regulator deems the Subscription to be an e-Money transaction under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, in order to provide security over your funds, your subscription fees will be segregated into a separate account, which in the unlikely event we become insolvent, will be protected against any claims by our creditors.
    3. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England & Wales, and any dispute or claim in relation to this Agreement shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. However, if you reside outside of England and Wales you may bring an action in your country of residence.