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@edent Goodness me @edent this means you haven’t listened to the latest @361podcast where what’s his name, you know, the clever one 🕵🏻‍♂️ chats to what’s his face, you know, the one who puns, 🧑‍💻 about Citymapper pass while the other one 🤬 listens quietly and patiently
Citymapper contactless travel card set to expand to zones three and four
Some days I really get to see so many new parts of my own city when lead by @tutti_space. Today: Finsbury square. Barbican. Battersea arts centre. Marble arch. Finsbury square. Bit ridiculous honestly... Very glad I have @pass_cm today. Thank you @Citymapper #london #startup
Any frequent London @TfL travelers, this may be of interest to you from @Citymapper
@gracebeverley @Citymapper Super pass includes underground, overground, buses, DLR in zones 1-2 unlimited! When you go on your holibobs you can freeze it for £1/wk
@gracebeverley You not living that @Citymapper pass life? It’s a game changer ✌️#notevenspon
This has to be the simplest, smartest way for the heavy user to navigate London. @Citymapper
Finally! You dream it, @Citymapper did it! Anyone got a spare referral code?
Seriously. How convenient?! Legit think @Citymapper is my favourite app. Guests def think I’m a weirdo whenever I tell them to download it at work because I’m so enthusiastic, but a) I am a weirdo b) Citymapper has made my life so much easier both at home and around the world.
i just got my Citymapper pass & it's really cute.....
I can highly recommend @Citymapper weekly travel card in zone 1-2. Cheap, good service. First day with active subscription and it’s amazing. Worth the patience!
In other news; trying out my new @Citymapper pass for the first time today...
WOW, finally my fav app is now providing Maas! | Citymapper PASS by @Citymapper
Super smart idea from @Citymapper ....& super nice card too! Love it!
Oh me? Just a one-way ticket to THE FUTURE, please. @Citymapper #citymapper
I am giving @Citymapper a *standing ovation* for this. If #PASS owners want to max out on benefits we're going to search *every* journey on Citymapper. They've taken a calculated punt on becoming London's operating system.
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