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I can highly recommend @Citymapper weekly travel card in zone 1-2. Cheap, good service. First day with active subscription and it’s amazing. Worth the patience!
WOW, finally my fav app is now providing Maas! | Citymapper PASS by @Citymapper
Looks like this is how all the cool kids are paying for public transport right now. @pass_cm @Citymapper
Really excited about @Citymapper 's latest initiative for travel in London. Activated my card and used it for the first time this morning.
Super smart idea from @Citymapper ....& super nice card too! Love it!
Oh me? Just a one-way ticket to THE FUTURE, please. @Citymapper #citymapper
I am giving @Citymapper a *standing ovation* for this. If #PASS owners want to max out on benefits we're going to search *every* journey on Citymapper. They've taken a calculated punt on becoming London's operating system.
Got my @Citymapper pass! Glad I'm able to support this company at last; and in a way that benefits me too #citymapperpass #londontech
Bollocks to #Brexit! At least I've got free movement with my #Citymapperpass coming soon
Citymapper never ceases to amaze me with how innovative they are. London is also the best place to trial this.
omg just discovered the Citymapper pass what amazingness is this? ❤️ #greatUX #fanGirl
Brilliant move from @Citymapper | Mobility as a service Can’t wait to have it in Paris ! 🚌🛴 #SmartMobility
Citymapper pass is such an amazing idea
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