Travel Time

Show the Travel Time to any location

In the world of location-aware devices, what if you could add more context to any location or address you display in your app or website? 

How far am I away from that location right now? How long does it take to get there with public transport? When do I have to leave?


Some examples

Here are 2 examples of how you can enhance your app (or website) with our Travel Time API. 

1) User's current location

When users view your content, your app can calculate the travel time depending on the user's current location. So they always know how far they are away, right now.

Here is how our friends at Mapstr have integrated it, using the power of Travel Time to help you get to your favourite places.



2) Between any A to B

You could also take a different approach, and enable your users to plan journeys between any two places.

Get Started

To access the traveltime API, anyone can instantly get a key on our Citymapper API portal. After signing up, you will be granted an initial quota for experimentation. (To get larger quotas for public deployment, please send mail to



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