Widgets for Humans

Make it easy for your customers to find you.

Add our clever links and widgets to your website.


1) GO Link

Typing addresses is so yesterday. With a GO Link you can make sure that everyone will get an accurate route to your place.

See what this London market did on its website:


When clicking on the Citymapper button, visitors land on Brockley Market's Citymapper page. They see Brockley Market on a map and can enter their start location to plan a journey with Brockley Market as a pre-filled destination.

Get started:

Here's how to create your GO Link


1) Just go to Citymapper.com and input your destination in "Meet Me Somewhere".

2) Press 'Copy Link' to generate a link instantly

You can then paste the link and integrate it within your website the way you want it.



The GO Button

The power of direction. Now packed into a simple button you can integrate anywhere...


The GO Widget

Give your users an easy way to find out how to get to your place with our powerful GO Widget. It includes an interactive map of your location and your full address details. Your users simply pick from where they are coming from and instantly see how to get to your place.


Get started:

Here's how you create your GO Button or GO Widget

1) Go to citymapper.com, input your destination in Meet Me Somewhere

2) Click on the Embed button to generate code for both the Go Button and the Go Widget

3) Decide which one you want...


4) Then paste the code onto your website. Done.


Want more?

If you want to do even cooler things we've have a swanky API for you.